I’ve been an illustrator /designer since 1998 and have really loved every moment.  There is something incredibly satisfying in the entire process…. that moment when (after reading the story or brief) the image begins to form, the collaboration with the art director or designer, the sense of camaraderie that develops when you create something beautiful with someone else, and finally: the image that is the culmination of each of those first elements. I work with 2 different styles: collage and painting / drawing. Sometimes the two intermingle but mostly they each have their own set of clients.  The collages tend to feel more serious while the paintings and drawing are lighter, brighter.I like to think that everyone has their own yin / yang and my illustrations are certainly no different.

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I’d love to hear from you.    Jen

A select group of some of the great people & publications I’ve had the pleasure to work with }

  • NY Times
  • Washington Post
  • Harpers
  • Chronicle Books
  • Bark
  • More {CA}
  • Hemispheres
  • Lifetime
  • Luna Guitars
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Miami New Times
  • Family Tree
  • Family Circle
  • Skirt
  • Her – Nashville
  • Organic Living
  • Geffen Records
  • How Magazine
  • United Airways
  • BHG
  • Family Circle
  • Organic Style
  • Jazziz
  • Cosi
  • Beacon Press
  • F S + G
  • Harper Collins
  • William Morrow
  • O magazine